Grenada Chocolate Company

The Grenada Chocolate Company are a well-respected, highly ethical company based in the south Caribbean who source their beans from their own farm and as part of a wider co-operative. They’re Fair Trade and organic certified and make outstanding chocolate. If you would like to read about the founder of the company: Mott Green then we have a profile to enjoy which also details their recent collaboration to create their own carbon-neutral chocolate bar, the Gru Grococo which doesn’t have any vanilla in it.

A favourite of mine is the nib-a-licious bar as I just love the difference in the texture from the cocoa nibs and the additional flavours they offer. I’d certainly recommend that one. The 60% plain bar is another favourite as its a fair bit sweeter than the others.

If you’re into your ethical chocolate bars and those that fully support the local growers then I’d certainly suggest trying their chocolate.