Hoja Verde Chocolate

Hoja Verde are an Ecuadorian chocolate making company that exclusively produces chocolate from the 'Fino Aroma'  Esmeraldas strain which typically produces cocnut, under-ripe banana and a touch of spice - and what's interesting is the journey you can go down if you start with their 100% and work your way down the cocoa intensities. If you do this you can explore how the cocoa 'hit' becomes less intense but the actual gorgeous flavours become more apparent and even change in balance. 

Whether or not Esmereldas has a degree of the much-prized Criollo genetics is open to debate. What is important is the experience. Hoja finds itself between they highly polished Domori and the rustic Bouga Bouga - which adds to the rich tapestry of flavours and approaches that chocolate affords us. 

We are proud to be the first to offer their chocolate in the UK and hope that cocoa lovers in this country respond warmly to what they've created.