Indonesian FlagThe much revered Criollo cacao was transplanted into Indonesia many years ago and that may be one of the reasons why so many chocolate makers produce wonder chocolate made with Indonesian cocoa. The list includes Alain Ducasse, Amano, Beschle, Bonnat, Chocolove, Coppeneur, DeBondt, Domori, Jean-Paul Hévin, L'Artigianio, Pierre Marcolini, Middlebury, Monggo, Naive, Pralus and Willie's.

Despite there being seemingly a million different islands with the nation of Indonesia, most of the cocoa is grown on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Timor, Sulawesi and Borneo and if you were to generalise, much of the cocoa from this country typifies slight caramel, mellow leather and a slight hint of spice and citrus. I don't recall ever having a robust chocolate made with Indonesian cocoa.

Overtime the Criollo has interbred with the Venezuelan Trinitarios naturally and in a controlled program, however, studies have shown that the fine flavour Criollo still is very much widespread on the major islands. This leads Indoneisan/Javan chocolate to be one of the first origins to look for as you extend your fine flavour chocolate experiences.