Jordi's Chocolate

Jordi's is one of a recent flood of new small-batch chocolate makers to come on to the European scene this decade. They started as a parlour in 2010 and caught the chocolate bug we all seem to get which piqued their interest into making chocolate for themselves in 2012 when they started with a very small range. When you add this to the nation's historic love-affair with chocolate they're doing something well worth supporting.

They're based fifty miles or so to one my favourite European capital: Prague. Back in 1997 I toured Europe on my own and stopped temporarily in Prague. I found the city a mixture of exciting, stunning and confusing. I was there just eight years from the Velvet Revolution which saw the end of 41 years of Communist rule and even then it felt just as 'Eastern-Bloc' as I had just finished studying. But how the country has changed now. Not only has it split in two but they've evolved into a true European nation and it’s great that we're able to stock chocolate from the country that was so important in shaping modern-day Europe.

Initially we're trying out a small selection of blended bars of the usual cocoa percentages with some more novel options too. Interestingly there seems to be a strong similarity with Pralus in the slightly 'over' roasted approach to chocolate which gives it a slight nutty characteristic.

One thing we do love is the packaging, it's informal but informative, beautiful but classy - especially the gift boxes of chocolate covered coffee and cocoa beans.