Madagascan FlagMadagascar seems to be the simplest origin to detect in a blind-tasting given its tendency to offer bright acidic and red fruit flavours. This is strange as there seems to be a great deal of Criollo present on the island that doesn't seem to offer those notes elsewhere in the world. Recent analysis by the USDA shows that there is a great deal of consistency between the cocoa samples tested. For some reason there appears to be less interbreeding of cocoa variants than occurs in, say, Central America. We also know that a significant number (believed to be 50,000 hectares) of cacao (which came from Indonesia according to the wonderful Bertil Åkesson) was planted in the vicinity of Ambanja in the early part of the Twentieth Century. 

The island offers such a fantastic source of cocoa and is often one of the origins I personally seek when I'm visiting chocolate festivals and extending my own collection of single origin/estate chocolate. 

We stock a wide variety of chocolate made with Madagascan cocoa including The Chocolate Tree (Menakao beans), Menakao themselves, Coppeneur, Dick Taylor, Pralus, Bonnat, SoTsar, Rózsavölgyi, Domori and Valrhona. Whilst there are plenty of other chocolate makers using cocoa from this origin including Morin, Agostonia, Amano, Amedei, Chocovic, Michel Cluizel, Crawe, Dandelion, Fresco, Madécasse, Mast Brothers, Patric, Ritual, Rogue, Soma, Tcho, Theo, Vestri, Willies and Åkesson which we hope to be stocking soon.