Madecasse Chocolate

Madecasse ChocolateMadecasse is one of a number of chocolate companies based in Brooklyn New York. Their history dates back to 2006 when Tim McCollum, Brett Beach were Peace Corps in Madagascar and saw the level of poverty on the world's oldest island and wanted to set up a company that created real social change for the local population. They knew that cacao had a fantastic reputation but very little was actually produced locally. So they set about to change this. 

Much of the fine chocolate we know from Madagascar comes from Bertil Akesson's plantation in the Sambirano Valley, however, Madecasse source much of their cacao from about 45 farmers which are part of the Ezaka Cooperative and then produce the chocolate in a factory in Antananarivo. The end result is that a greater share of the price you pay for your chocolate goes to local workers to support themselves and their families.