We're on a personal, and corporate crusade to offer the most ethical chocolate we can find. But ethics doesn't just stop at making sure that the people that grow and harvest the cacao earn enough to support their families, nor does it stop with protecting the long-term future of rare and fine flavour cacao, but it also with protecting the environment and not offering chocolate full of nasties (such as palm oil) or where unnatural chemicals are used to increase yield. So here we've listed the chocolates we know are organically produced - a bit thanks to Jesper for giving a nudge and suggested we create this collection.

The one problem that collating organic chocolate is that to call it 'organic' the chocolate should be certified and many small producers (who we have a preference for supporting) cannot afford certification - it’s somewhat like the expense that is occurred when becoming Fairtrade certified. So some of the chocolates we list will be certified organic by various different organisations, others we have a strong belief that their chocolate is Fairtrade because we've had a direct dialogue with the makers or growers (but can't afford to be certified) and others where it seems reasonable that they are. We will also list here which makers are Fairtrade certified and who by.

Also for some chocolate makers who use other ingredients that make up the chocolate other than just cocoa and sugar there may be parts of the chocolate that are neither certified organic or actually be organic - such as soya lecithin, salt, etc.


Certified organic by bio.inspecta AG. Switzerland. Bertil owns his own plantation and makes is own chocolate.

Diego Bardo and his team are massively into their ethical production of chocolate which is certified by Brazil Agriculture (BR - Bio 143), USDA Organic, and IMO Control Instituto de Mercado Ecologico.

Santiago and the wonderful guys over in Ecuador are also incredibly passionate about organic production and their chocolate is certified: EC-BIO-715 Agriculture Non-EU as well as labelled USDA organic and Kosher.

Grenada Chocolate Company
The cacao is grown on their own plantation and certified GD-Bio-140 and CERES Certified.

Red's chocolate is certified by BSC OKO Garantie and made in EDC organic plant.

Choco Del Sol
This is a small company using cocoa grown in Belize and their products are certified: DE-OKO-21 and labelled: aus kontrolliert biologische Landwirtschaft (from certified organic agriculture)

Their entire range is organic certified (2013-1-L10051-BIO-EN) - including all their funky chocolate and you can download the certificate here. As we often stock many of their products it may 'drown out' the other smaller makers so you can view all of the Zotter chocolate we stock here.

Chocolat Madagascar
They have two chocolates that are certified organic (MG-BIO-154) the 100% and the new 70% we will be stocking in 2015.

All of Shana's range is organic and has the certification: IE-ORG-02.

Certified organic according to  EU Organic Regulation 2092/91 (BKS Öko-Garantie)



Dan states his chocolate is organic but I have not seen any certification details so cannot guarantee it is.

A very small chocolate maker in France, I've not seen any certification information.



Companies such as Duffy's, Pump Street Bakery, Chocolate Tree etc, all get their beans from very ethical sources but don't make any claims about their chocolate being organic, but I'm confident the sources would be certified if they could afford to be. 
Dan states his chocolate is organic but I have not seen any certification details so cannot g