Original Beans

Original Beans ChocolateOriginal Beans is a company that matches our own ethical stance when it comes to chocolate: it has to make economic sense for the people harvesting the chocolate and the owners of the cacao trees to keep putting effort in - especially in the face that so many other crops can be grown with less stress and a greater reward. They seek to support small farmers by producing fantastic chocolate that not only satisfies our palettes, the grower's livelihoods, but also the wider planet in an ecological sense.

What we also love about original beans is their ability to smash the pre-conception that many people have about Swiss chocolate. It isn't all very sweet and creamy, there are a small number of fantastic chocolate makers in Switzerland that produce flavoursome, acidic and fascinating dark chocolate, and Original Beans certainly is one of those countries. 

Another feature of the Original Beans approach is that they do help people learning about chocolate, not least those on the Ecole Chocolat chocolate making course by listing the conch times, region and origin. They also provide tasting notes on the reverse of the packaging and the ability to trace the provenance of any bar by use of a 'B-Code' on the reverse of the packaging which can be submitted on their website to view photographs of where the cacao was grown and their conservation efforts.

We are extending the range of Original Beans we offer, in total, however, they offer just for origins from the popular origins of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, but also the Democratic Republic of Congo which has had a troubled past and could really do with our custom and support by buying chocolate made with cacao from their estates.