Patric Chocolate

Alan McClure is the man behind the Patric Chocolate brand - a chocolate maker based out of Columbia, Missouri which produces some wonderful chocolate in the single origin, classical sense as well as some interesting and unique 'novelty' chocolate bars which are based a lot more on culinary skill than just throwing random flavours at a base chocolate. 

The talent and skill within Patric Chocolate is undoubted. I first tried his chocolate shortly after he started full scale production in 2007 and have been a massive fan ever since. It amazes me that it has taken so long to stock his chocolate here in the UK, but it is testament to the difficulty we often face when trying to acquire chocolate from America. The effort on our part to bring you a small sample of Alan's chocolate is certainly worth it. The blended bar is a master-class is combining different notes from a variety of origins, whilst the In-Nib-Itable is a chocolate covered in cocoa nibs and is addictive. The PBJ OMG is a whimsical milk chocolate bar made with real peanut butter.

The entire range of chocolate you see below has won awards. The US Good Food Awards saw the signature blend win a prize in 2014 (and 2012) with the PBJ OMG was a finalist. The year before the In-NIB-table was a winner.