Potomac Chocolate

Chocolate is a wonderful product. Many obscure their craft with vanilla or oversell with glossy packaging and social media campaigns. Potomac Chocolate shuns these distractions, their founder Ben Rasmussen instead focuses on the chocolate, and barely anything else. It is this approach that we admire, nearly as much as the chocolate he creates.

Potomac Chocolate may have an unconventional approach, but many may still not be convinced at how great it is. But would a couple of Academy of Chocolate awards and a Good Food award set your mind at rest - all in less than three years from firing up a roaster. 

Within the UK and perhaps the rest of Europe, America has wrongly been seen as the poor relation in the chocolate making fraternity. This belief, however, couldn't be further from the truth - America make great craft chocolate, and Potomac is certainly at the forefront of the great art and if you're on a mission to try what the world has to offer in terms of small and micro-batch chocolate makers then Potomac is certainly a great place to start.