Pump Street Bakery

Pump Street Bakery LogoThere are only a handful of small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country. Each have their own unique style and this is one of one of the reasons we are very much pleased to bring you the Pump Street Bakery range of handmade chocolate bars. Chris' approach is give the cacao beans a light roast but much longer conch than is conventionally the case. This has the effect of producing a milder chocolate than you may find with other makers using the same beans. And this means that if you prefer less forceful chocolate which still exhibits a clever balance of flavours then Pump Street Bakery chocolate is very much likely to please you.

Chris also manages to turn the stereotypical flavours from origins on their head. Their Madagascan 72%, for example, is less focused on red fruit flavours and more on the tropical flavours. It is their differing approach to the production process that allows them to create chocolate that will always surprise. Another feature of their chocolate is that the aroma and flavour that each chocolate offer are often juxtaposed. Often an intense aroma will be followed by a milder flavour. The exception to rule is the Madagascar, which has a very pronounced and interesting flavour profile.