Abraham Seaforth purchases his cocoa from Dominican Republic and then ships it to the UK via the 32 meter schooner Tres Hombres and then stone grinds the beans for 72 and then turns them into chocolate. He only uses this cocoa and organic cane sugar in his base chocolate but does supplement one bar with a granola mix and another with sea salt. 

Even at 70% this chocolate is sharp compared to most you might try at this level - most certainly when compared to the likes of Bonnat, Hoja Verde and the like. This is due to the low roast but due to the intensity of the Dominican beans a longer grind is used and just goes to show how makers tinker with the profile of their making to bring out the desired flavours and textures of the chocolate.  

If you're a keen chocolate taster then Abe's plain chocolate should most certainly tried. If you're adventurous, give the granola bar a go.