Valentine's Day

Below we have a selection of gourmet Valentine's chocolate gifts for the special person in your life. We've stayed away from the traditional truffles and ganaches as we feel that when you give someone chocolate that they've never seen before it adds an extra layer of excitement to the occasion as it looks like you've put a great deal of thought in choosing the most special chocolate gift. 

We've also listed a range of 100% dark chocolate Valentine's gifts as we feel that people such as diabetics or those that choose to restrict their sugar intake may still want to receive chocolate on the most romantic of days but do not wish to receive high-sugar commercial chocolate. Of course, all chocolate has a degree of sugar as it's naturally occurring in cocoa beans, bit is often found in minuscule proportions. We do hope you enjoy the range we've put together.

Please note: the chocolate hearts below weight in the region of 60g-70g - depending on the adornments.