Wilkie's Chocolate

Wilkies Chocolate is a very small chocolate making company based in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Of course the country isn't renowned for its artisan chocolate making, despite being home to some fairly well-known chocolate brands. But Wilkie's excel where the rest fail: creating exhilarating chocolate in a fashion that wouldn't seem out of place a hundred or so years ago.

Wilkie's create fantastic dark chocolate from organic sources and at the moment exclusively from Criollo beans sourced from South America, and there are very few chocolate makers that create chocolate using the time-intensive stone-ground method. This gives the chocolate a more rustic feel, but also perhaps keeps more of the original cocoa flavour within the chocolate.

As Wilkie's is a very small company they don't have the production capacity of more established makers and hence we only have a relatively small number of bars in stock.