Over the past decade the variety of chocolate available in this country has greatly increased. Until Josef Zotter, the Austrian chocolate maker, started selling his unusual chocolate bars in the UK the variety was still lacking in the outlandish and the wacky. Today, thanks to Zotter and his team based in the rural setting of the village of Bergl, you can try chocolate that includes bacon, fish, cheese and various other fantastic ingredients.

For those of you interested, virtually all of the ingredients used in Zotter’s chocolate bars are both organic and Fairtrade. Where I have the information I will point out exactly which ingredients fall into this category and what per cent of the total bar has these ingredients. Furthermore, the Mitzi Blue range of chocolate bars also use recycled packaging and organic plastic. Zotter’s single origin chocolate bars, of which his Labooko range mostly are, also include chocolate made from original locations such as India.

What makes Zotter so unique is that they try and source as many ingredients (other than the cocoa beans) as locally as possible. That’s why they have their own edible zoo which they grow many of the ingredients that go into making the various bars of chocolate. That zoo is a world to behold.

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