About Us

Lee McCoy – Founder, Owner, Member of the Academy of Chocolate & a Member of the Guild of Fine Chocolate

News - Running this store was just too much work while trying to bring up a young family. I'm busy trying to reconfigure it and refer you to other stores that offer the chocolate, but that'll take a bit of time. 


Having reviewed over 1,000 bars of chocolate, hot chocolate and various other products made from the cocoa bean I realised that some of the world’s finest and most interesting chocolate couldn’t actually be bought in this country – or at least all that easily. The idea is that I can work with various chocolate makers and chocolatiers from around the world to import their chocolate and make it available to a chocolate audience that should really have a greater variety of fantastic chocolate available online.

At the moment the range of chocolates you can buy is slim, but overtime I’ll re-invest more and expand the range. The more popular this chocolate shop becomes, the more choice Britain’s chocolate lovers will have.

I’m lucky enough to have been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, And Steve Wright’s Radio 2 Show for my love of chocolate and am/have been both a judge for the Academy of Chocolate Awards and The International Chocolate Awards.

For the past 15 years I’ve been working in internet marketing, and for 13 of those years I’ve been running my own business. But when I thought about running a chocolate shop, I thought that can’t be too difficult – hopefully I won’t be proven wrong.

If you are a chocolate maker or chocolatier that would like to sell their products in this online chocolate shop, then please do get in touch.

You can also find out about my latest BBC Radio and TV interviews here.

Recent press/media contributions:

For Press/Media enquiries please contact Lee on: 07715 971 075


Piotr Krzciuk – Central and Eastern Europe Correspondent

Fine chocolate evangelist, popularising “Real Chocolate” and actively seeking best practices in chocolate industry. Avid curator of chocolate-related web content. Amateur chocolatier, fascinated with art and history of chocolate. Powered by his dream of huge, interactive Museum of Chocolate.

Piotr’s top five chocolates bars are:
1. Amedei Porcelana
2. Pralus Chuao (vintage 2008/2009)
3. Beschle Porcelana
4. Duffy’s Chuno
5. Amano Morobe

You can follow Piotr on his Sekrety Czekolady blog.


Annmarie Kostyk - North America Correspndent

I have had a love affair with food since I was a toddler.  I am a huge foodie and my passion is chocolate.  Throughout my college years, studying art history at Lake Forest College and history at Indiana University, I worked at Sweet’s chocolate shop in Lake Forest, Illinois.  The love of chocolate and baking anything chocolate carried through to my personal life with family and friends.

My professional life has included working as an Assistant Pastry Chef at Le Meridien Hotel (now the Conrad Chicago) in Chicago and catering for my family and friends.  I attended the French Pastry School in Chicago studying under a For the Love of Chocolate Scholarship. I graduated with honors earning a Professional Chocolatier Certificate granted by the Professional School of Chocolate Arts Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I have been working with and writing about chocolate ever since.  To date, I have written four books about chocolate: Chocolate is Healthy!: Myths, Truths and Delicious Recipes, The Chocolate Lovers’ Guide and Tasting Journal, The Chocolate Travel Guide: United States Edition 2010 and Marais Chocolate Skin Care: Luxury Chocolate Spa at Home.  I am currently working on a Nutella cookbook and a book about the best chocolate in the world.

I have been collecting and enjoying chocolate bars from across the globe for almost a decade. Because of my love of chocolate and desire for good health, I consume at least 2 ounces of dark chocolate daily.  Currently, I am a contributor to a variety of websites on chocolate, health, home, and food. You may follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook (all Annmarie Kostyk) for day to day information on chocolate, heath, and food.

Current Top Five Bars:

  1. Marou Bentre 78%
  2. Potomac Chocolate Upala 82%
  3. TCHO Pure Notes (Fruity) Peru 68%
  4. Dandelion Chocolate Sambirano, Madagascar 70%
  5. Original Beans Cru Virunga 70%