Best of Zotter's Darks

We are undeniably huge fans of Zotter dark chocolate, in fact the 82% Belize Toledo is perhaps the best chocolate we've tried in the 80%s. Josef Zotter and his team source utterly wonderful cocoa beans from around the world - from places larger chocolate companies seem to ignore and perhaps even some the smaller chocolate makers haven't found yet. Below you can find a list of our personal favourites from Zotter's dark chocolate range. They range from the relatively mild Belize 72% to the 96% and our hope is that you have the opportunity to explore how chocolate changes as you move up the intensity of cocoa % and also compare two chocolates from the same origin and see how those flavours also change.

This would make a wonderful chocolate gift for those that see themselves as experts at chocolate and know the difference from a Peru and a Belize or a Criollo from a Trinitario.

You can purchase this bundle at a discounted rate by visiting any of the chocolate bars and then scrolling towards the bottom and clicking on "Add Bundle to Cart".