Britain's Best Chocolate Bundle

Whether or not you support the 'Buy British' campaign, we do at least like to support new, and old-timer chocolate makers in the UK - such as our friend Duffy. The last two years has seen a massive growth in the number of British chocolate makers as well as the quality of the chocolate they produce. Names such as the Pump Street Bakery and The Chocolate Tree have come to the fore and are making some stunning chocolate whilst Chocolarder and Doble & Bignall have been making for a short while and Salt's has only just started production this summer (2014).

We only felt right that we celebrate this wonderful British chocolate makers with a bundle to explore their offerings. And with a 12% discount on this particular bundle of our favourite dark bars from the list, there is no better time to explore what these islands have to offer.

To buy this bundle simply visit any of the pages featuring the bars and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Obviously the 'best British bars' is a subjective collection, but these are the ones that I personally love from these shores.