What's New?

Below we give a run-down of the what has been added to the store for any given month. However, if you would like a more simplistic view of the new chocolates added then you can you can see the latest products here.

~~ September 2015 ~~

This month has seen us busily adding new ranges to the store. We've added a new bar from Duffy in the form of the award-winning milk with nibs and sea salt (utterly addictive!) 

Following on from the feedback about the range of Chocolate Cafe 100% bars we have added a new selection with a range of interesting flavours including mint, raspberry, fruit and nuts, coconut, banana, nutmeg, chilli and orange and salted caramel

We have added the two new bars from Marou in the form of the splendid Heart of Darkness 85% and the Dak Lak 70%.

And finally a range of 100%s from Willie's Cacao.

~~ August 2015 ~~

We have recently added some new, higher cacao, chocolate from: Naive, Taza as a 95% and 85%, the return of Manufaktura Czekolady in the form of a 100% and t hree new 73% American bars from Pitch Dark. A Fiji, Madagascar and an Ecuador. Also three from an Icelandic maker. A wonderful Papua New Guinea dark, and two whites: Liquorice with sea salt and a Dirty Blonde.

~~ June 2015 ~~

Whilst the sun has been shining we have been busy adding new micro-batch makers from Costa Rica. You may not have heard of names such as Caribeans, The Beach Chocolate Factory and Talamanca as I believe this is the first time this chocolate has been sold in the UK. But they are certainly worth trying.

~~ April 2015 ~~

We have just added the wonderful Kiskadee range of Dominican Republic chocolate. Laura has also recently added a Peurto Rican origin that fantastic.

This month we have brought on two new lines in the form of Chchukululu mainly for their 100% and Kuna for the same reason - both are of Ecuadorian origin. We also expanded the range of Pacari chocolate to now include one with Chilli, Spirulina, Maca, Cherries and Golden Berries. 

Ara have extended their range with three new bars which we have taken in the new larger 75g format. They are a Trincheras 100%, a Chiapas 100% and an excellent Porcelana 70%.

From Doble & Bignal we restocked their entire range and included their new Nicaragua 72% that just won an Academy of Chocolate Award.

From Domori we have a wonderful Ecuadorian edition from the Hacienda Victoria.

~~ March 2015 ~~

We have a number of regular customers that contact us to arrange payment via PayPal. We had to remove them last year as we sold chocolate made with ingredients from Cuba - against US trade law (we didn't full agree with it as we love Cuba), but we have managed to resolve our differences and can now add PayPal as an option. We save a small amount of Chapon Cuba left and the next twelve customers that buy and Chapon Chocolate will get a free Cuba bar (whilst stocks last). 

This month saw us launch our independent reviews service organised by Trusted Shops. The idea is that other customers can get a sense of how much we love serving our customers and also a way for identifying issues that customers may not wish to contact us about, but would jot down in a reviews service. Hopefully, we can continue to improve on the level of service we offer to you all.

If you would like to leave a review you can here. Alternatively, seven days after ordering customers will receive an email inviting them to review us.

We have reduced the size of the largest format of the Casa Luker 100% so it goes into a cheaper shipping level and we can get it to customers more quickly.

~~ February 2015 ~~

http://www.chocolatiers.co.uk/products/fruition-hispaniola-68At the end of the month we added a new range from the Czech Republic in the form of Jodi's. For such as small outfit they have offer a wonderful variety of flavoured bars. At the moment we're just starting off with a small section to see what you guys thing of them.

It's great to extend the range from Hoja Verde. Previously we just stocked their 100% but now we've added four other cocoa levels of this delightful Ecuadorian chocolate.

We've added three new bars from Chocoblog, which is a small maker new to this part of the industry. We particularly like the Columbia 72%.  Also this month we have restocked Fruition Chocolate and added a couple of new lines. All of Bryan's chocolate is fantastic!

Following on to a visit to Pablo's production facility on the Welsh / English border we have stocked his Forever Cacao unroasted chocolate - with a particular favourite being the 80% coffee.

~~ January 2015 ~~

We've added a couple of new bars from Bonnat as well as restocked their 100%. We've added some flavoured bars from The Chocolate Tree to offer a bit more variety as we go through summer when these novel chocolates seem to be popular. We must not forget their new 80% from Venezuela which is outstanding.

We've restocked the store with Potomac chocolate including the new fantastic Cuyaguya 70%.

The new Friis-Holm 100% also reached these shores - and it is lovely!


~~ November 2014 ~~

We've added a few new Pump Street Bakery bars. Fans of 100% will find a new bitter one from the Suffolk guys whilst people that love chocolate around the 70% mark should love their new special edition bars from Madagascar and Grenada - as well as a gorgeous one with sourdough in.

~~ October 2014 ~~

It's that time of year again. We've added some firm favourites in our line of Christmas gifts, plus some new ones from Zotter. We've also added a large, luxury gift box too.

We found a lovely little chocolate maker near Paris so we thought we'd stock them - Ara Chocolat. I hope you like their ethical and unpretentious chocolates!

We have just restocked a wide range of Pacari chocolate including the very popular Piura Quemazon.

October has mainly been about putting orders in for the range of fantastic Christmas gifts. So far we have added a range of fantastic old-style chocolate tins from Favarger while the festive-themed chocolate from Zotter is winging its way to us. We also have a wide range of fantastic chocolate presents from Domori also on their way from Italy. 

Other than gifts for Xmas we have just restocked the very popular Finca 100% both in bar and couverture form, as well as some new milk chocolate varieties. 

Due to popular demand we have added the Bouga Cacao hot chocolates as well as cocoa nibs and a new form of 100% with Ishpink




~~ September 2014 ~~

September is proving to be a busy month as we add more lines from popular makers and increase the selection available across a much wider variety of producers. So here's what's new so far this month:


On the last day of the month we have restocked some of the intense Bouga Cacao hot chocolate as well as added their cocoa nibs and a new 100% flavoured with the Ishpink spice.


Choclarder are a fantastic ethical chocolate maker based in Cornwall have have produced a couple of wonderful dark bars as well as a range of flavoured milks that should be tried if you are interested in how British chocolate making has progressed over the last few years. 

If you have a sweet tooth, then the 40% milk chocolate with Honeycomb is a must. While those with a liking for more intense flavours should try the Dominican Republic 80%.

We feel that it is important to support companies that are trying to make their way in this industry and hope you will support Michael in his efforts.


We have restocked the 100% and 85% from Chocolat Madagacar. We were hoping to carry their fantastic 70% organic, but it appears that it won't be available until early next year.


Zotter continue to extend their range of Labook single origin chocolate and we have added a couple of Peru bars as well as a Belize. We've also added a 75% with 'superfood' ingredients. Along the same lines we have also added their new presentation of cocoa nibs and cocoa beans.

Also, with Autumn almost upon,  you can find two new hot chocolates and restocking last year's favourites. Keep an eye out for their Christmas and Halloween range in October (we hope this isn't too early for you).

We tried some of the Doble & Bignall bean to bar chocolate and we absolutely loved it so we thought we would stock it. Currently they only do the four different types of chocolate - a milk and a dark from Venezuela and the same of Panama. Although Simon and Margie are new to chocolate making they have a great deal of experience in related fields, and that certainly shows with the fantastic chocolate they have been able to produce. 

We certainly expect a bright future! You can check out their range here.

Last autumn and winter we had a great response to the range of Zotter hot chocolate, as well as some 100% versions from Bouga so we thought we'd open up the selection to other producers. The first we thought of was Jaz & Juls - primarily because we know that organic is very important to our customers.

Also, we've known about them for years and have been a big fan of what they produce. We've gone predominantly for the spicier hot chocolates, but have added a milder version in the form of the raspberry. We'd love to know what think of their range.

We also have some new varieties from Zotter this year too, so stay tuned.

We have added five new lines from the fantastic American chocolate maker: Antidote. Red has produced a wonderful variety of flavoured 73%, 77% and 84% cocoa solids chocolate made with half "raw" and half roasted beans. The flavours range from Rose Salt & Lemon, Almond and Fennel Seeds, Mango & Juniper, Vanilla & Nibs, Coffee & Cardamom, Lavender & Red Salt, Ginger & Goldenberry and Cayenne & Banana.

We also her two 100% bars back - the one includes nibs and the other has dates added to the mix. Last time around these were very popular and hope our new customers will feel the same.

View the Antidote range here.


We have also added a dark chocolate from one of the country's newest chocolate makers in the form of 'Salt's Chocolate' who is run by Katie and is based in Cardiff. It's been great to follow Katie from her Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to start her initial production which we reviewed here.

We absolutely love this tweaked version of her Peruvian dark. The beans are well crafted and originate from ethical and revered sources. Personally, I feel Katie has done an absolutely fantastic job.

Find out more about Katie here.

We extended the range of Chocolate from Chocolaterie Robert to include a lighter dark, a milk and a white (which is massively different from most white chocolates you are likely to have tried before.

The feature of the chocolate from this Madagascan maker is that it is far richer and creamier than most at any given cocoa level - even the 100% and the 85% has a creamy flavour that is incredibly indulgent.

What's more, there is a great deal of ethics going on with their chocolate true. Speaking with Neil from the company, we will be looking to support his Raise Trade campaign in the future. Please do take a look.

You can see the entire range here.

For people that like things a little bit different, we have added a new range of whole cocoa beans. One pack is made from roasted cocoa beans, while the other unroasted. You can find out more about our new 'collection' of cocoa beans here.

Shortly we will be, adding a new hot chocolate maker that uses single origin cocoa, as well as restocking the range of Zotter hot chocolates as well as more of their single origin Labooko bars.