Bouga Cacao 100% Boite with Spices

Bouga Cacao 70% Boite with Spices

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Valentine's Day chocolates have traditionally been about flashy boxes of chocolates that are adulterated with heaps of fatty ingredients. The same can be said for birthdays, Christmas and any other celebration you can think of. This boîte of chocolate thins are anything but flashy. They're just delightful and made by a very small company in Southern France that doesn't have a huge marketing or packaging budget. Instead they make wonderful, rustic chocolate without any pretence. 
This box of chocolates contains alternate squares with either pepper, red berries, thyme or ginger on them. You won't find any rose cremes or pralines - just good, honest chocolate. And that's why we love Bouga cacao. 

Additional Information

Best-before 31/03/2014
Ingredients 70% cocoa solids, 30% sugar chocolate, with pepper, red berries, thyme, ginger.
Produced-in France
Weight 170g

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