100% Cocoa Basta from Bolivia

100% Cocoa Basta from Bolivia

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NB: Each basta measures approximately 10.5cm across and 1.8cm deep - they're chunky!

Previously we sold a very similar, rustic cocoa bastas made from a very small cooperative in Costa Rica. As with most things small scale, supply is very inconsistent and seeing as we couldn't continue with the Tsirushka we have sourced a replacement from Bolivia.

Beni province of Bolivia has supplied some great cocoa which the likes of Original Beans, Zotter, De Vries, Taza and the likes have produced wonderful chocolate from. Whereas many makers will give you estates and others will just get the cacao on the open market and not be able to pinpoint the origins of the beans, we have spent a great deal of time working with the local growers to bring these into the country. Given the very disorganised nature of the rural Bolivian economy, we had to resort to bringing these back by hand rather than a traditional courier (they didn't turn up for days and we gave up). 

It is vogue to detail an exact type of cacao bean and glorify it on the packaging. The thing is in the wilds of Bolivia, and most other cacao-growing origins, you just won't know exactly what the genetic make-ups of the beans are. You would have a good idea, but you could have a variety of strains within an acre or less of forest. We do know it is likely that this chocolate will be made from Beniano beans with a large degree of Amelonado genetics - but the balance of this will be different throughout their land.

The primary use of these 'bastas' will be to make hot chocolate with. They're not designed to consumed in the same way as traditional chocolate bars given there solid, almost impenetrable nature. You could also slowly melt them and turn them into your own chocolate bars if you wish. We just love the rustic, 'pure' nature.

These products are basic, they're not sophisticated and hence we have repackaged them in our own clear bags as we do with the rest of our couverture.


Additional Information

Weight ℮170g
Ethics Almost directly traded. It would have been if the couriers worked!
Ingredients Cocoa
Origin Beni, Bolivia
Cocoa 100% minimum
Best Before 30 March 2017
Testing Celtic Food Labs, COA No: 15-01370, Sample 132205, Date Tested 24/09/2015

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