62% Loma Los Pinos - Dominican Republic

62% Loma Los Pinos - Dominican Republic

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One thing that amazes me is the intensity of this Loma Los Pinos bar's aroma which has a punchiness that belies its relatively 'light' 62% cocoa content would indicate. It's the flavour that we believe will astound you. There are very noticeable notes of blackberry that transform to Muscavado sugar in waves. 

It really is remarkable that a bar at the 62% level can be packed-full of so much flavour. One piece can easily radiate sweet and sour flavours for a good few minutes. Another interesting aspect of this bar is that there are occasional wafts of acidity reminiscent of higher cocoa bars. 

This cacao originates from Yacao in Dominican Republic and is very poor part of the Caribbean but one where they take great care of their inhabitant in general and cacao trees in particular - it is their livelihood of course.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Fairtrade-content 90%
Ingredients Cocoa mass**°, raw cane sugar*°, cocoa butter*°, iodized salt.
*FAIRTRADE certified 
°from controlled organic cultivation
Origin Yacao in the Dominican Republic
Cocoa 62 % minimum in the chocolate coating
Best-before 02/08/2015