Menakao 63% Dark Chocolate With Combava & Pink Pepper 25g

Menakao 63% Dark Chocolate With Combava & Pink Pepper 25g

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Here Menakao combine their mildest dark chocolate couverture with Combava and Pink Pepper. Combava is a citrus fruit which gets its name from an island recorded on ancient charts of the sea to the east of Bali. It was introduced to the Indian Ocean, specifically Mauritius, in the late eighteenth century by Pierre Poivre. The fruit has an intense aroma which is similar to citronella and can also related to that of lemon-grass. It's this flavour which combines against the already slightly red fruit backdrop given by the chocolate and the fruity spice of the pink pepper that produces a very evocative and interesting bar of chocolate. For those that prefer more mellow and placid chocolate this certainly isn't one for you. It most definitely is a chocolate bar for the more open-minded chocolate lover.

Additional Information

Weight 25g / 75g
Best Before 31/12/14 & 30/06/2015 / 30/05/2015
Batch-number 002MEN / 225-MEN & 250-MEN
Ingredients Madagascan cocoa beans,cane sugar,pure cocoa butter,emulsifier: GMO-free soy lecithin,pink pepper,combava.

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