Ajala 73% Dark Chocolate

Ajala 73% Dark Chocolate

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Ajala is a very small chocolate maker based in Brno in the Czech Republic and who received a high rating in Georg Bernardini's recent tome in which he reviewed several hundred chocolates. Running through their range of chocolates with various inclusions in which they use this wonderful Peruvian stone ground 73% as a base.Â

The one thing you will notice when you unwrap the chocolate is the utterly fantastic shine and temper - it's simply marvelous and exceptionally well-worked. This should also give a clue as to the precision of manufacture and the desire to produce a more 'classy' chocolate than you would normally expect from stone ground chocolate where you would typically have a rough, granular texture. With this chocolate, it is heavily ground for what I would imagine for at least two days. The particles are minute and the flavour restrained.

The natural floral notes you would expect from much of Peruvian cacao is certainly in evidence with this chocolate. The fruity - less so. It's more of a mild saffron, muted herbal chocolate that is very appealing.

Additional Information

Maker Ajala
Weight 45g
Cocoa 73%
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar.
Origin Peru
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Bean Various
Best Before 31/11/2016 Batch 167