Ajala 73% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

Ajala 73% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

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Many sea salted chocolate are so heavy on the salt that the chocolate is completely lost. That certainly isn't the case here. In this version by the wonderful small Czech team the delicate dusting of the salt actually works towards changing the base chocolate flavour only slightly - but the result is that it comes across much more as coffee flavour - which is some feat. 

The smoothness also turns it into a chocolate I would happily consume steadily throughout an evening. That was the initial thought given that this chocolate only comes in 45g format. But because the core flavours mount and become strident, it can easily last a few evenings.

Additional Information

Maker Ajala
Weight 45g
Cocoa 73%
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar, sea salt
Origin Peru
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Bean Various
Best Before 31/11/2016 Batch 167