Akesson's 75% Bali Trinitario Dark Chocolate

Akesson's 75% Bali Trinitario Dark Chocolate

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This bar from Akesson's is as about as 'chocolaty' as you could ever wish for. It has a profile similar to the Chocolat  Madagascar 70% in that it is rich and creamy. Just as Madagascar is hot bed for cross-fertilisation of cacao strains, here too in Bali we have mongrel cacao that produces a wonderful chocolate.

The aroma comes across as slightly acidic, bordering a touch on 'tobacco' with spice. Whilst all the action is in the flavour. It's seemingly a milk chocolate style dark. It's creamy beyond believe and presses all the base, human buttons present in mass-market chocolate, but knowing that very good cacao has been used by experienced and skilful chocolate makers.

There certainly are Caribbean flavour notes of soft fruit and a noticeable roast that still is a fair few notches below that of the Pralus Chuao, but there are certainly similarities.

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Additional Information

Maker Akesson's
Weight 60g
Produced In France
Cocoa 75% Minimum
Bean Trinitario Hybrid
Origin Bali, Sukrama Farms
Dietary May contain nuts, dairy and lactose, almonds and gluten.
Ingredients Cocoa (75%), pure organic cocoa butter (no vegetable fats), emulsifier (GMO-free soya lecithin).
Tasting Notes 'Very chocolaty, this bar has a masculine bitterness and expressive notes of spice'
C Spot Rating 88.5/100