Akesson's Bejofo Plantation White Madagascar 43%

Akesson's Bejofo Plantation White Madagascar 43%

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There are so few good white chocolate bars around these days. Thankfully we have Bertil and the cocoa butter he produces from the Befojo plantation in central Madagascar I've not come across before. This one is further south east than his own and which, strangely is one that has a principle crop of rice - which you wouldn't normally find grown in the same environs as cacao. 

This is, as you would expect, a very sweet bar in comparison to the rest of Bertil's range, but still, if you like what chocolate, this is a must to try!

Additional Information

Maker Akesson's
Weight 60g
Produced In France
Cocoa Butter 3% Minimum
Bean Amelonado
Origin Madagascar
Dietary May contain nuts, dairy and lactose, almonds and gluten.
Ingredients Cocoa Butter, Milk Powder, Organic Sguar

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