Amedei Chuao

Amedei Chuao

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If you were looking for a slow-release, extra fine, beautiful bar with the most sumptuous flavours then you can't go far wrong with the Amedei Chuao. Of course Chuao is a village in the north west of Venezuela and is often cited as the finest of all cocoa beans. Of course that's open to debate, but what is generally accepted as fact is that these beans are incredibly special and when artisan chocolate makers, as Amedei are, produce chocolate from them then we can truly experience some exceptional chocolate. The flavours in this single origin (Chuao) and single variety (Criollo) here are certainly reminiscent of red fruit but its certainly not a harsh incarnation. The flavours are incredibly well-defined. The aspect that is most interesting about Chuao is that as production is so limited there is a great impact of the weather and other local factors that do change its ultimate flavour. What we can be assured of, however, is that the quality is consistent. Given the vagaries of the weather we believe that the Amedei Chuao should be tasted every year and notes compared.

Additional Information

Cocoa 70% minimum
Ingredients Cococa mass,cane sugar,cocoa butter,vanilla
Weight 50g

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