Amedei Porcelana

Amedei Porcelana

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/> No chocolate fan can consider themselves serious about the food of the Gods if they have never tried a bar made with Porcelana beans. I typically get such an amazing experience from chocolate made with this bean, not least from Bonnat, Idilio, Domori and Rózsavölgyi while this version from Amedei certainly set the standard when it first came out - not least from the apparent purity from what they have managed to achieve.

The flavour primarily is unadorned, pure, clear, without pretense and in perfect balance. The acidity is regulated by the cocoa butter to produce such a sublime experience. 

Although since Amedei first came out with this bar there have been several hundred new entrants into the chocolate market, it would certainly be remiss if this particular incarnation was somehow ignored in favour of the new upstarts. Amedei have produced something fantastic and it certainly should be revisited, not least to see how these new upstarts compare!

Additional Information

Cocoa 70% minimum
Ingredients Cococa mass,cane sugar,cocoa butter,vanilla
Weight 50g

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