AMMA Chocolate 60%

AMMA Chocolate 60%

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If there was a chocolate that belied its cocoa rating this has to be it. Of course we've come to expect creamy, soft and delightful chocolate from AMMA, but here there's still a noticeable sense of acidity that comes through in waves which comes in the form of a blend tobacco and under-ripe banana against a base layer of caramel. You might even get hints of blackberry and walnuts to the end of the melt.

This is certainly an unusual chocolate but one that is still well worth trying


Maker AMMA
Best Before 07/02/2016
Ingredients Cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar
Cocoa 60% minimum
Produced-in Brazil
Weight 80g
Batch Number A140388
Awards International Chocolate Awards 2012 World Finalist
Dietary Gluten free, may contain traces of soya