AMMA Chocolate 85%

AMMA Chocolate 85%

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There many reasons to love AMMA chocolate, the first is their highly ethical stance, whilst the second is the completely unique and unusual flavour their chocolate seems to exhibit. Take this 85% bar, it uses fairly standard Amelonado cacao beans the likes of which you may find in supermarket chocolate but offers such a splendid flavour that chocolate from the same strain of been just can't compare. Valrhona, Divine, Pralus and Michel Cluizel make chocolate with similar beans but none come close to this chocolate in terms of originality. 

The flavours I get range from Irish Coffee, pork chop, leather, a slight waft of tobacco but a whole heap of clotted cream. There may also be day old red wine marking a wine glass and the slightly tannin boozy edge.  

This isn't an 85% for those that like harsh, heavy roasts or intense, bitter acidity. It's as mellow as a Baileys. It's nice and light, but with a great deal of intrigue. This, to my mind at least, is the perfect chocolate for a summer's evening. 


Maker AMMA
Best Before 03/12/2015
Ingredients Cocoa, cocoa butter, 
Cocoa 85% minimum
Produced-in Brazil
Weight 80g
Batch Number A13337M
Dietary Gluten free, may contain traces of soya

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