Antidote 100% Raw Chocolate with Dates

Antidote 100% Raw Chocolate with Dates

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This Xochipilli bar uses the same 100% raw cocoa base as the Tonacatecuhtli, however, there is a touch of natural sweetness offered by the dried dates and to my mind it works incredibly well. You have a balance of bitter, acidic 100% chocolate against a deep, all-consuming sweetness from the Middle Eastern fruit which does provide a respite from the acidity of the chocolate. What's more you have a contrast between the remarkable smoothness of the chocolate and the soft, chewiness of the dates. 

Those complimentary flavours and textures make this bar the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up as well as a self-indulgent evening exploring real chocolate. As with the other 100% bar from Antidote, is worth pointing out that this is a much more refined bar than you might expect from raw chocolate. It is supremely smooth and has a flavour profile more akin to conventional very dark bars. Part of this could be explained by the fact that it is a balance of raw and roasted beans.


Additional Information

Weight 65g
Cocoa 100%
Ingredients Cacao beans*, dates *Certified organic. Manufactured in EDC organic plant, certified by BCS OKO Garantie.
Origin Ecuador
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten-free, sugar free and organic.
Bean Arriba Nacional
Best Before 31/03/2016 - batch 100X04C
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Smooth Texture with earthy & nutty cacao aroma.

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