Antidote 100% Raw Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

Antidote 100% Raw Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

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Lovers of more intense 100% chocolate will absolutely adore this raw, organic bar from Antidote. It serves as a case in point as to why the wide variety of flavours available at a given cocoa level can be so remarkably diverse. It is a markedly different bar to the AMMA 100%, for example, and is as close to the natural flavour of a cocoa bean as I can recall. The acidity is exquisite. The first bite may seem extremely direct and over-bearing, but there is a subtlety here won't go unnoticed in subsequent passes.

The tip of the tongue will covered with what little cocoa butter there is and the sides of your mouth will pick up all the amino acids: tryptophan, phenylalanine, and tyrosine, which can be seen as beneficial to one's health are surely present in abundance in this bar? One shouldn't over-analyse it, however, there are some magical soft fruit flavours offered too that add much more life and vitality to it than is often the case at this cocoa level.

Red Thalhammer, owner of Antidote Chocolate, has named this chocolate after Tonacatecuhtli which is the Aztec god of creation and fertility, and it’s understandable why, there appears to be a great deal of spirit and energy wrapped up in this raw chocolate. What’s more, the cocoa nibs, add an extra dimension and really do add to the experience.

There is one thing we do need to get across, however, and that's the case of raw chocolate. Often it can have an overtly metallic mouth-feel which seems to be due to the decent levels of magnesium that is often present in raw cacao. You certainly don't get that here, despite being largely a raw bar. This is very much to Red's credit; she has managed to create a truly wonderful bar of 100% chocolate.

Additional Information

Weight 65g
Cocoa 100%
Ingredients Cacao beans - *Certified organic. Manufactured in EDC organic plant, certified by BCS OKO Garantie.
Origin Ecuador
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten-free, sugar free and organic.
Bean Arriba Nacional
Best Before 31/03/2016 Batch 100T04C
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Smooth Texture with earthy & nutty cacao aroma.

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