Antidote 73% Raw and Roasted Chocolate with Almond & Fennel Seeds

Antidote 73% Raw and Roasted Chocolate with Almond & Fennel Seeds

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So often almond can lead to an unadventurous chocolate. But that couldn't be farther from the truth as sweetness of both the almond and the fennel seeds work so fantastically well together. From that central 'sweet' flavour each ingredient actually works out in opposite directions and provides a delightful and intriguing flavour balance. 

The texture is also inviting. As the inclusions are liberally used then you get a noticeable crunch of the almond and which makes each bite unique from the previous. The core, base, chocolate is also very pleasant as it manages to offer a creamy flavour - despite half of it being made from unroasted beans.

Additional Information

Weight 65g
Cocoa 73%
Ingredients Cacao beans*, whole cane sugar*, almonds, fennel seeds, soy lecithin (gmo-free). *Certified organic. Manufactured in EDC organic plant, certified by BCS OKO Garantie.
Origin Camino Verde Ecuador
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Bean Arriba Nacional
Best Before 28/02/2016 - batch 73AR4B
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Empowering and strong, Artemis is the Antidote to weak moments. Her nutty almonds and sweet fennel seed invigorates while adding a zing to more than just your palate!