Antidote 73% Raw and Roasted Chocolate with Coffee & Cardamom

Antidote 73% Raw and Roasted Chocolate with Coffee & Cardamom

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If you needed a bit of a chocolate 'jolt' then surely this on with coffee and cardamom is for you. If you get to try some, first hold a square up to your nose and just revel in the heady aroma. The flavour, however, is rich and creamy - more like a Cappuccino than an espresso - but that doesn't stop there being the old 'direct' episodes of intense coffee flavour. 

The cardamom offers more of a backdrop to the overall experience than anything too overwhelming - which makes this chocolate work on many levels.

Additional Information

Weight 65g
Cocoa 73%
Ingredients Cacao beans*, whole cane sugar*, coffee beans*, cardamom*, soy lecithin (gmo-free). *Certified organic. Manufactured in organic plant, certified by BCS OKO Garantie.
Origin Camino Verde Ecuador
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Bean Arriba Nacional
Best Before 28/02/2016 - batch 73KA4B
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Strong and passionate, Kakia’s zest for life is the Antidote to passivity. Cardamom and coffee conjures her powers of seduction and whets your shameless appetites! Oh you go girl.