Ara Chocolat Chiapas 72% Mexico

Ara Chocolat Chiapas 72% Mexico

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Chiapas is the region of Mexico that borders the Pacific Ocean and Guatemala and although just over a decade ago this part of the historic Central American country had severe problems with their cacao it seems to have recovered, partly with the help of multinationals. We believe, however, that this Trinitario version appears to stay clear of those company's desire to grow comparatively poor quality cacao and instead uses some of the good stuff.

This chocolate turns out to offer a more 'harsh' experience. The effect on the tongue and taste buds appears much fuller of tannins and volatile acids. It's more of an adult chocolate than their Madagacar which presents luscious fruit flavours.

Additional Information

Weight 27g
Dietary Organic
Lot Number 149A
Ingredients Cacao 75%, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Mexico, Soconusco
Cocoa 72% minimum
Best Before 31/09/2015