Ara Chocolat Ecuador 75%

Ara Chocolat Ecuador 75%

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This is a chocolate that when you put it in your mouth you think it's not actually going anywhere, but then some very subtle flavours emerge out of nowhere and just gently tickle your senses. It turns out to be a million miles away in terms of intensity from their brutish Chiapas chocolate.

Just at the edges you should notice some soft fruits, perhaps mango but with that an even slighter pepper profile. As it melts  you may even get the odd flash of 'charcoal' But that's not to give the wrong impression - this is creamy affair.

Additional Information

Awards Award of Excellence Cocoa Salon du Chocolat.
Dietary Organic
Weight 27g
Ingredients Cacao 75%, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Ecuador, Guayas
Cocoa 75% minimum
Best Before 31/09/2015