Ara Chocolat Madagascar 75%

Ara Chocolat Madagascar 75%

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If you'd like to try chocolate made from a widely used bean - from Bertil Akesson's plantation in Madagascar and using mostly Trinitario beans then this new offering from the very small Ara Chocolat company just outside of Paris is a very good place to continue your 'education'. But also because it is a lovely chocolate in itself. 

Typically cocoa from this origin has a red fruit tone and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. It seems to provide a bucket full of fruity flavour but it's rich and creamy too - it's somewhere between summer fruits but mellowed by a 'healthy' dose of double cream. 

One thing we do like about the Ara format is that each 'bar' is formed by five minute bars that makes consuming the chocolate an easier and more pleasurable experience. And it is is this experience that keeps giving. As the chocolate melts the flavour seems to become more concentrated and more directly of sharper citrus fruits. 

This most certainly is one to be consumed in small doses - the format certainly helps with that.

Additional Information

Weight 27g
Lot Number 1410A
Ingredients Cacao 75%, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Madagascar, Sambirano, Valley
Cocoa 75% minimum
Best Before 31/10/2015