Ara Chocolat Porcelana 70%

Ara Chocolat Porcelana 70%

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What an utterly fantastic chocolate. As you would expect from Porcelana (a strain of cacao found in Venezuela around Lake Maracaibo) the flavours are subtle, luxurious and down-right sensual. There aren't any of the outlier flavours that you may get from other origins and strains such as smoky, leather, bourbon or anything like that. This chocolate is a very straight batted affair, but it hits the flavours out of the park for a 'six'. 

There are caramels, cream, very slight notes of blueberry and just the faintest hint of spice. It' offers a summer holiday experience that you just don't want to end. 

A few minutes after the melt has finished I'm getting coconut notes.

Additional Information

Weight 75g
Ingredients Cacao 70%, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Maracaibo, Venezuela
Cocoa 70% minimum
Best Before 30/11/2016

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