Ara Chocolat Trincheras 100%

Ara Chocolat Trincheras 100%

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If Ara's Chiapas 100% is too intense for your tastes then this Venezuelan version may appeal. It too has a high roast, which gives it a hazelnut profile, but seemingly has a greater amount of cocoa butter, which may not lead it all the way to the AMMA style of creaminess, but it much more of a 'middle of the road' offering for those that wish to avoid added-sugar in their chocolate. 

Even with that rich profile there is still an underlying intensity that just lifts through and adds some more intrique to proceedings.

Additional Information

Weight 75g
Lot Number 154A
Ingredients Cacao
Origin Trincheras, Venezuela
Cocoa 100% minimum
Best Before 31/11/2016

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