Ara Chocolat Trincheras 75% Venezuela

Ara Chocolat Trincheras 75% Venezuela

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Trincheras has been responsible for the fantastic Rozsavolgyi Csokolade 70% version and the not bad Willies but I have been aware of very little from this part of Venezuela and this one does provide some very interesting flavours, more along the rustic than the smooth line of things, but still interesting. 

Some have noticed a great deal more intensity and acidity than I get, but nonetheless, it creates an interesting hazelnut profile with a touch of clotted cream. The most interesting aspect of this chocolate, however, is that it becomes increasingly more enjoyable with every bite. The flavours build upon the previous like flavoursome and expensive posh nosh where the vogue is to build towers of complimentary ingredients.

Additional Information

Weight 27g
Dietary Organic
Lot Number 149A
Ingredients Cacao 75%, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Venezuela, San Esteban National Park, Tierra Viva Project
Cocoa 75% minimum
Best Before 31/09/2015