Askinosie Del Tambo Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate

Askinosie Del Tambo Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate

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This is certainly a chocolate with some punch in the nose. It typifies acidity and red fruit. But that forcefulness is less direct on the taste bud. It picks up like a dusk wind but never feels uncomfortable. There may be the bergamot orange Askinosie offers in their tasting notes, but I get a heap of hazelnut, jam and rice pudding with just the slightest dose of tobacco. After much of the melt has taken place you might even get a touch of horseradish.

Additional Information

Weight 85g
Awards Silver sofi™ Winner 2009 - Outstanding Chocolate
London Academy of Chocolate - 2011 Gold Winner - Best Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate
Maker's Tasting Notes Red fruit, bergamot orange, honey, jasmine and hints of tobacco. Bright but creamy, tannic, dry finish.
Varietal Arriba Nacional
Ingredients 70% cocoa (68% cocoa liquor, 2% cocoa butter), organic cane juice.
Origin San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador - Lead farmer: Vitaliano Saravia
Cocoa 70%
Best-before 05/03/2015

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