Askinosie Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

Askinosie Ecuador 70% with Cocoa Nibs

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On top of the red fruits and acidity of the plain Del Tambo 70% we have cocoa nibs which add a great nuttiness and complexity of flavour. Cocoa nibs have a very strong following due to the variety of flavours that can be produced, as well as a curious texture and a more intense flavonol experience. 

Additional Information

Weight 85g
Maker's Tasting Notes Red fruit, bergamot orange, honey, jasmine and hints of tobacco. Bright but creamy, tannic, dry finish.
Varietal Arriba Nacional
Ingredients 70% cocoa (68% cocoa liquor, 2% cocoa butter), roasted cocoa nibs, organic cane juice.
Origin San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador - Lead farmer: Vitaliano Saravia
Cocoa 70%