Askinosie Liquorice 60% Dark Milk Chocolate

Askinosie Liquorice 60% Dark Milk Chocolate

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When it comes to liquorice there is no finer than Lakritsfabriken liquorice and here we have a combination of 62% Philippine chocolate combined with certified organic cane sugar, Fleur de Sel sea salt, goat's milk and pieces of black liquorice. And for those of you with a gluten intolerance you should be pleased to know that the liquorice used here is made from rice flour rather than with wheat which makes it gluten free. 

In the 2012 International Chocolate Awards (for which I was a judge) this one a Gold Medal in the flavoured category (I don't recall trying this one during the awards) and it’s understandable why. The aroma is incredibly robust. The anise seed jumps straight out at you. But it’s that sweet and sour flavour that is so intriguing. 

The chocolate itself surprisingly does play a part in the overall experience, despite being adorned by hefty pieces of flavoursome liquorice whilst the salt swirls around with and occasionally lifts the flavours into a delightful piquancy. The goat's milk is most understandably less obvious, but it does add more balance through its creamy characteristic which all combines into a truly stunning chocolate.

Additional Information

Weight 85g
Varietal Trinitario - Directly Sourced
Ingredients Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, goat's milk powder, sea salt, salted black licquorice, anise seed
Origin Davao, Philippines
Cocoa 60%
Best-before 07/05/2014