Askinosie Tanzania 72% Dark Chocolate

Askinosie Tanzania 72% Dark Chocolate

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Tanzania wouldn't be a country that springs to mind for many people when asked to name an African cocoa origin and that's probably because there is very little of what can be called rainforest there. You'll only find tow cocoa growing regions to the north of the capital Dar Es Salaam at the Sigi Segoma Estate and to the south west around the Selous Game Reserve around the Morogoro region.

Given that there is so little cocoa produced in Tanzania it’s great to actually get to try some. The flavours certainly aren't robust by Madagascan standards. The snap is soft, the melt slow. If one would say 'Nutella' that'd do this chocolate a disservice, but there is that mellow, nutty characteristic evident here. There's also a coconut water edge that further softens the edges. This could be seen as the chicken korma of the chocolate world - a good introduction to the theme of dark chocolate instead of jumping into the vindaloo.

Additional Information

Weight 85g
Awards London Academy of Chocolate - 2011 Silver Award
Maker's Tasting Notes Notes of strawberry, blueberry, and graham met with a creamy, velvety smooth texture.
Varietal Trinitario
Ingredients 72% cocoa (69% cocoa liquor, 3% cocoa butter), organic cane juice.
Origin Tenende, Tanzania - Lead farmer: Mama Kyeja
Cocoa 72%

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