Askinosie Tanzania Mababu 72%

Askinosie Tanzania Mababu 72%

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Mababu is home to a very fertile area of Tanzania and arguably has some of the countries most finest cocoa growing co-operatives - situated on the banks for Lake Nyasa and in the foothills of the Livingstone mountains. 

One of the great things about Askinosie chocolate is that it is made as the output of a great partnership between the company and local farmers: middlemen are no part of this process and I feel the chocolate is much the better for it. 

The chocolate is smooth and fruity and actually one a Silver Award from the 2011 Academy of Chocolate (I think I was a judge on this one).  If you do like chocolate with a more of a citrus bent then this is certainly one to consider.

Additional Information

Weight 85g
Varietal Trinitario
Ingredients 72% cocoa (69% cocoa liquor, 3% cocoa butter), organic cane juice.
Origin Tenende, Tanzania - Lead farmer: Mama Kyeja
Cocoa 72%

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