Askinosie White Chocolate Bar

Askinosie White Chocolate Bar

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The Akesson's white chocolate had 43% and this option from Askinosie flips those numbers and offers 34% cocoa butter, which, to the sharp-of-mind would indicate that this is a sweeter offering. If you're into your white chocolate why not get both and compare the sweet punchiness.

This bar, like the Akesson's is produced from cocoa beans directly and on site. It isn't made from purchased couverture and repossessed, but made from scratch by the same team in Springfild, MO, that have produced a wide range of award-winning chocolates. One interesting fact is that this bar offers something radically different, in that instead of cow's milk it has goat's milk to add a very unusual flavour, but one that works well with the cocoa butter. If it were me, however, I'd have less of the sweet stuff. But I'm more of a dark chocolate person.

Additional Information

Weight 85g
Varietal I expect mostly Amelonado
Ingredients 34% cocoa butter, sugar, goats milk
Origin Davao, Philippines
Cocoa Butter 34%

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