Zotter Bacon Bits

Zotter Bacon Bits

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This bacon chocolate bar for many is the definitive Zotter chocolate bar. It was the one that set the collective imagination alight of tens of thousands of people around the world who finally saw that chocolate could be as fun as other found it serious. As with many others from the Hand-scooped range, this one has a soft, almost ganache-like centre. But it's so much more than that 16% of the filling is made with hazelnuts and 7% with bacon crackling that is combined into nougat. So not only does it have a soft centre, but it also has a slight crunch from the crackling. The one thing that you should be aware of is that this bacon chocolate bar doesn't have as much of the distinctive bacon flavour as could be expected. It is much more balanced than that. They may be some that would love to try the bacon chocolate, but aren't so convinced by the fact that there's dark chocolate encasing the bacon nougat filling, but the dark chocolate is hardly noticeable as your taste buds will be focusing on the unusual and creaming contents within. This would have to be one of the Zotter chocolate bars that you just have to try, once at least.    

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Best-before 02/03/2015
Ingredients raw cane sugar*°,cocoa mass*°,hazelnuts°(15%),cocoa butter*°,pork cracklings°(7%),full cream milk powder°,skimmed milk powder°,butter°,salt,cinnamon°,emulsifier: soy lecithin°,whole cane sugar*°,cardamom°,star anise°,vanilla°. *FAIRTRADE certified °from controlled organic cultivation
Cocoa-solids 70% minimum the chocolate coating
Fairtrade-content 71%

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