Balsamic Orange

Balsamic Orange

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Just as with the Hokkaido Lime, this bar was created by Josef Zotter's daughter and is inspired by her time in Paris at the culinary academy at Le Cordon Bleu. 

Balsamic vinegar and oranges isn't a flavour combination that naturally jumps out at me, but it must have been her training as this is a marvellous chocolate hat offers an incredibly 'zippy', acidic experience that refreshes the palette. 

Additional Information

Ingredients Raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°, full cream milk powder°, cocoa mass°, orange concentrate°(9%), milk°, fructose-glucose syrup°, apple balsam vinegar°(3%), grappa°, butter°, salt, vanilla°   °from controlled organic cultivation.
Weight 70g
Cocoa 40% minimum
Fairtrade Content 61%
Best Before 27/02/2014

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