Belcolade 96% Dark Chocolate Samples (essentially 100% for comparison)

Belcolade 96% Dark Chocolate Samples (essentially 100% for comparison)

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We were in two minds about stocking this. The reason why we thought it might actually a good idea, and perhaps risk losing friends over it, is that we feel it is absolutely essential that sometimes we reset our palette and minds with chocolate makers that don't meet the high flavour and ethical standards we set ourselves.

Those companies that produce on a massive scale from non-fine flavour cacao (as far as we're aware) are ones we typically avoid. I don't know enough about their ethics and how they source the cacao to comment on that part of it however.

It would be great if you could compare this Belgian cocoa mass (essentially no added sugar) with some of the other 100% chocolates we have. We would hope that you could see the stark contrast between this chocolate and something like Casa Luker, Menakao, Bouga, Akesson's and other produce. 

Those makers produce chocolate with noticeable flavour notes. They're often punchy, creamy and expressive. To me this chocolate is made with bulk cacao there is no sense of vitality. The only profile I get is that of the dry earth I have been a leylandii tree in the garden.

Another reason for offering this chocolate is that some people will prefer it. Not everyone is in tune with 'fine flavour' as some prefer more sanguine, woody flavours. But what I do hope is that people actually try this chocolate and compare it with a fine flavour 100% and see how great they are.

NB: We have changed the size to 100g 

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Lot Number none given
Best Before 26/11/2015
Produced In Belgium
Cocoa 96% Minimum (stated, but also states in the ingredients that it only contains cocoa mass)
Origin Are you serious? This is blended chocolate across origins that aren't normally associated with fine flavour cacao.
Dietary May contain nuts, dairy and lactose, almonds and gluten.
Ingredients Cocoa Mass
Tasting Notes Flavour?

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